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“The Spirit of the Canal” our next Distiller’s Dinner will take place at Alderbrook Resort and Spa on Thursday, June 2, at 7 p.m. Join Chef Josh Delgado from Alderbrook Resort,  and master distiller Kirby Kallas-Lewis from OOLA Distillery for a memorable evening on the shores of Hood Canal.

Package rates for guests staying overnight will be available.

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Summer is already starting to strut its stuff. Mornings dawn earlier, sunsets fade later, and we’ve seen temperatures in the 80s. So what to do with all this dee-light? Journey with us to Port Ludlow and forage for a meal that Chef Dan Ratigan prepares. Visit the West Coast’s only escargotiere farm down the road in Hood Canal. Look in on a Duvall dairy that makes salmon as important as cows, and taste a new Vietnamese restaurant whose nose-to-tail sourcing is its signature theme. Then meet the most celebrated winemaker you’ve never heard of and sample 14 seasonal recipes. Perfect summer reading. Dive into a copy of Edible Seattle here. 

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