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ESEA_JF16_COV_HR copyThe holidays are over, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to rest, it’s just a time for new beginnings. In this issue we find a cluster of stories from the Port Townsend area, the center of the food universe on the Olympic Peninsula. There we learn the story behind our most popular cheese dairy, Mount Townsend Creamery, and get the back-story on how the Jefferson Hospital cafeteria became the hottest dining spot in town. And then there’s a radical new brewery creating award winning beers with more than just hops, malt and barley. Closer to home we get an inside look at what local sourcing means to 21 Acres, a sustainability incubator in Woodinville, while farther afield we get the lowdown on no-till planting and what that means for soil conservation. All that and new seasonal recipes add up to a delicious read. Dig in!

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