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Welcome to July! We're in the sweet spot of summer, with more berries than we know what to do with. This month's issue is designed to help you take advantage of the season. We've got an amazing recipe for a layered ice cream cake with plum and chocolate, and a gorgeous Greek grill menu that's tasty and easy to throw together. Additionally, we'll show you how to preserve your fruit as a tangy shrub, for sipping on these┬áhot days. Also in this issue we travel to Yakima, to check out one of the newest breweries there (built in the middle of a family hop farm), we go north, to Bellingham, to learn about a program helping military vets learn to grow vegetables and also community. We hear the story behind Ellenos Yogurt, the new company who has us all hooked on their tangy fruit parfaits, and a nonprofit in Tukwila that is helping recent immigrants translate their passion for food into paying jobs. It's summer, come join in the fun. We hope that you do. Find a copy, or subscribe now.  
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