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Alex Corcoran, Publisher

With formal studies in theater, music, architecture, sculpture, painting and photography, Alex came to realize that good food, prepared well, and in good company, was perhaps the highest form of art. He put himself through school as a waiter, where he discovered that food could be much more interesting than what he grew up with at home.

His acting career took him to Europe and the Mediterranean where his appreciation of fine food grew exponentially; he brought that appreciation with him when he came to Seattle in the early 1980s. A self-taught cook, Alex has practiced the philosophy of ‘local, seasonal, fresh’ for 25 years, after adopting the European habit of shopping for each day’s meal on the day it was to be eaten.

Tara Austen Weaver, Editor

Tara grew up in the country, eating fresh vegetables from the garden and devouring books with equal appetite. She began cooking at a young age, teaching herself from recipes and mistakes, and loved how making a meal always brought people together. It was only natural she would grow up passionate about seasonal, local foods and community.

After six years living overseas and traveling (she always ended up in the kitchen, asking questions of the cook), Tara spent a decade in the book publishing industry before settling in Seattle, to be closer to family, snow-capped mountains, and the water, boats, and islands of the Puget Sound. In addition to editing Edible Seattle, Tara is author of The Butcher & The Vegetarian, Tales from Tall Mountain, and Orchard House, a forthcoming memoir about growing food and family.

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