edibleSEATTLE is the only magazine devoted exclusively to food in the Puget Sound region.

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Each issue of edibleSEATTLE is a celebration of what’s in season, what’s for sale, and who’s breaking ground on the area’s food landscape. We always have more editorial space than advertising; our advertisements never get overlooked.

Cooking Fresh – Our recipe developers create a complete seasonal meal made up of four original recipes, with a complete ingredient list to make shopping easy.

Whole Grains – Megan Gordon leads the rediscovery of ancient heirloom grains for the modern kitchen, from millet to freekeh.

Modern Pantry – Paola Thomas develops a mouthwatering new dessert recipe to cap off your dinner parties.

Liquid Assets – Portrays the art and science of locally-crafted beverages, including microbrew, wine, cider, and spirits. We’ll include tasting notes, interviews with the experts and visits to regional wineries, breweries and distilleries.

Artisans – Focuses on the universe of hand-crafted foods, from baked goods to cheeses to jams and chocolates. These include recipes and sources so great cooks and dedicated shoppers can make the most of these treats.

Loved and Local – A top-down view of local artisan items centered around a theme like high tea, charcuterie, and cheeseboard.

Origin Story – We take an in-depth look at an element of local food history often taken for granted.

Farm to Table – In-depth examinations of the foragers and farmers who grow or hunt our best local ingredients—what they’re doing, how they started, and why it’s important.

On the Water – An intimate portrait of the fishers who are bringing in sustainable catches, preserving our native fisheries and raising the best quality local shellfish.

In the Kitchen – We take a look behind the scenes of our favorite local restaurants, and learn about the sources, techniques and inspirations of the region’s most talented chefs.

To Your Health – A closer look at the correlation between diet and health, from the origin of plant nutrients to their contribution on the microbiome.

Road Trip – A handy planning guide for your weekend travel within the state of Washington: where to stay, what to eat, and what to do in the new and known destinations.

One Ingredient, Three Ways – Our recipe developers offer three original recipes for the home cook using one seasonal ingredient, often local produce.

At the Table – Local home cook Danielle Kartes shares recipes for a complete meal, perfect for a family dinner and incorporating seasonal ingredients.

Final Course – Laurie Pfalzer ends each issue with a single page dedicated to a seasonal dessert recipe.

What They Are Saying

A refreshing find – a Seattle publication devoted to the fresh and local food of the Northwest. Edible Seattle is a great resource for home cooks, foodies and locavores. –Examiner.com

Who’s Reading Edible Seattle?

“Edible Seattle readers are concerned, connected and community minded. They are active consumers who are passionate about local foods and sustainability. They are regular restaurant diners and terrific home cooks. They support their local businesses as a way of building community”

Subscriber Profile

79% homeowner
53% female – 47% male
75% head of household ages 36-64
68% married
48% income over $150,000
54% completed college or gradute school
51% home value of $300,000 – $999,000


81% are professionals, educators, and entrepreneurs
They travel for pleasure an average of 14 days a year
They regularly drink local wines and beers
67% have a pet
82% use our recipes in each issue
98% of our readers said that they are willing to pay more for the foods that meet any of these criteria: fair trade, farm direct, locally grown, organic, salmon safe, humanely raised, and family farmed

Our Readers Regularly Participate in:

Cooking for Pleasure: 98%
Dining Out: 85%
Entertaining at Home: 76%
Gardening: 70%
Wine Tasting: 46%
Cooking Classes: 34%

What They Are Saying

“I love this magazine. I read it during my physical therapy appointments… there is so much great information in it about restaurants, food in season, farmers, and just about everything to keep this food obsession going.”

edibleSEATTLE is sold on newsstands everywhere. Look for us at nearly 200 locations from Bellingham to Olympia and beyond.

We Print 20,000 copies of each bi-monthly issue. Those that aren’t sold or mailed are given away at farmers markets, food festivals, and gardening events so that every copy gets into circulation.

Our Subscribers tell us that their own passalong rate is 3.5 per copy, making an effective readership of 70,000.

We Mail to 2500 Dentist office waiting rooms where studies show each copy is seen by 41 people, effectively raising circulation by 100,000 impressions.

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What They Are Saying

“Go – as fast as you can – to your local bookseller or newsstand to pick up the latest issue of Edible Seattle. Now, make everything within its gorgeous covers. Really! This is the mother lode issue for deliciousness.” –Plantedathome.com