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Puget Sound’s Food Future

In a light-filled space off Westlake Avenue, a brand-new test kitchen brings together chefs — from novice home cooks to Julia Child wannabes — to learn about, work with, and taste delicious, healthful food…

Joined at the HIP

The Hunger Intervention Program provides food security for underserved populations through nutritional meals, educational programs, and advocacy.

Winter is Coming

How to extend your gardening season, and plant winter cover crops to protect the soil

Beyond Milk

Edaleen Dairy dips into its farm-fresh milk to churn out creamy scoops of moo.

Sweating the Small Stuff

Chris Tran talks about her farm with frenetic passion. The former construction foreman turned urban farmer — and owner of Urban Sanctuary Farm —

Nectarine and Shiso Soup

Chef Bruce Naftaly takes one of late summer’s most beloved sweet stone fruits and gives it an edge.

A Horse of a Different Color

Under drizzling pewter skies, Leila Schneider crouches in the muddy salad field on Hayshaker Farm, harvesting mâche…

In Rare Form

Ceviche, crudo, sashimi – simple preparations make your seafood shine.


In Britain, the word “flan” does not conjure up a Hispanic-style, set, creamy custard, but instead is a sponge or pastry case containing a sweet or savory filling. In particular, a fruit flan means a sponge base with a creamy filling and topped with a layer of fruit…

True Grits

Low Country Shrimp & Grits is Lisa Dupar’s love letter to her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.

Tiny but Mighty

Teff, which hails from Ethiopia, is a gluten-free ancient grain that’s mild in flavor and makes a satisfying base for many dishes…

Wines that Sparkle

Sparkling wines carry deep legacies, kept alive by winemakers like Treveri Cellars in the Yakima Valley.

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