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Urban Foraging: Sound Bites

At some point in the 90s, hummus became ubiquitous; at this point, you might assume you’re simply tired of eating it.

Sidebar: Finding Seaweed on Beaches and in Stores

Seaweed can be gathered year-round on private beaches with a license; the limit is 10 pounds wet and a license is required. The same health cautions that apply to shellfish apply to seaweeds. If an area is deemed unsafe for shellfish gathering, it’s also closed to seaweeding.

All State Park beaches are closed to gathering except Fort Flagler, Fort Ebey, and Fort Worden State Parks, where the season, as it is for other public beaches, is limited…

Averting a Seaweed Crisis

It’s a glorious day on Puget Sound, the kind where the unnatural brightness bleaches away all the common…

The Non-Activist Activist

It’s not often that you walk in to a sustainably-driven restaurant kitchen and find a handful of chefs and staff prepping for a hot dog tasting—a “dirty dog” tasting, to be exact.

Home Made

These are hard times. Right? Most of us are making do with less, sometimes much less. And yet…I feel that somewhere in all this less, there is a secret more.

No, poverty can’t buy happiness. But hard times might lead to good times in unexpected ways. Does eating feel expensive? The hidden gift of these tough times might be a return to home cooking. That comforting ritual, the simple act of preparing food for ourselves, has been slipping out of our lives, washed away in a tide of busyness.

Sidebar: Flavor Notes

Olsen Farms Beef

Stevens County, Angus and Angus-cross

100% grass and potato-fed, dry-aged 14 days

Available from Ballard, University District, Broadway, Lake City, Magnolia, Phinney Ridge, Wallingford, Columbia City, and Madison Farmer’s Markets…

Defining the Terms

CAFO: Concentrated animal feeding operation, more commonly known as a feedlot. This is the standard finishing method for the vast majority of US beef. The relative conditions of CAFOs vary, but are increasingly viewed by consumers as unacceptable….


Hungry for Local Meat

On March 14, 2009, in a classroom at the Washington Farm Bureau building in Lacey with an American flag and the requisite coffee and cookies, Cheryl Ouellette called to order the first annual members’ meeting of the Puget Sound Meat Producer’s Cooperative….

beckys steak tasting

Renaissance Beef

It was fall of 1997 and I’d been a vegetarian for a decade. I stopped eating meat for ethical reasons…

The Gospel According to Joel Butler

In the panoply of dream jobs, few have more potential for pleasure and satisfaction than Joel Butler’s: he is director of education for Ste. Michelle Estates. Sometimes in tee-shirt and jeans, sometimes in coat and tie, he travels the country as a sort of wine evangelist, thumping a bible of enology, converting skeptics with logic and hedonism, rejoicing in those “Aha!..

Lunch for a Monkey: Noontime with Matthew and Iris Amster-Burton

In which Edible Seattle visits the home of a Pacific Northwest food notable and reports on their refrigerator’s contents, philosophical underpinnings, pirouetting offspring, and other miscellany.

THE SUBJECT: Matthew Amster-Burton, the Seattle author of Hungry Monkey: A Food-Loving Father’s Quest to Raise an Adventurous Eater…

Honey Ridge Farms

We’ve sipped fermented beverages since Biblical times, when humans first mixed honey, water and yeast with subtle flavorings like herbs or flowers to create mead. Also known as honey wine, this alcoholic beverage remained popular for hundreds of years in England and Northern Europe.

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