Farm to Table

The Gluten Evangelist

Oh, Yeah! farmer Chris Petry fights the gluten-intolerance trend by educating bread lovers about the health benefits of whole grain.

Simple Roasted Sprouts

2 pounds Brussels sprouts (about 1 1/2″ in diameter), trimmed and halved
2 tablespoons olive oil
Salt and freshly ground pepper
3 tablespoons Dijon or whole grain mustard
1/3 cup heavy cream


Classic Pavlova

You can add other fruit to your liking, generally tart flavors best balance the sweetness of the meringue. Typically in Australia it would be fruit that is readily available, such as kiwi, mango, banana and strawberry as well as fresh passionfruit.

Think Moss: A Conversation with a 21st Century Forager

The best way to connect with Langdon Cook is to wait ’til he’s up to his elbows in cold, wet sand, digging for a clam. Author of the locally famous forager’s blog,

Tips for Living with Food Allergies

Hosting Allergic Guests

Let your guests know you’re interested in feeding them well, and seek their advice.
Ask what they can’t eat, and how cautious you should be about exposure.If their reactions are severe, avoid serving those foods altogether. Tweaking your menu beats a trip to the emergency room.
Avoid cross-contamination from earlier food preparation by using clean equipment and surfaces.
Use fresh, whole foods when possible.

Triggering a Response

My daughter asked if she could have another cookie, and I felt my pulse quicken. Another cookie? I didn’t know she’d had the first. “Oh, yeah,” my uncle said. “I thought it was OK. They were no-bake, made without flour or eggs, so she should be fine, right?” No. Those cookies had peanut butter. I wouldn’t have even let her hold one in her hand to pass to a cousin.

Feeling close to panic, I examined Meg for the symptoms I’d seen on her two previous exposures. I listened for wheezing or shortness of breath, which she’d suffered the second time

Sidebar: Takeout

“Unbelievable… It’s inexpensive, but they way they go about it—they grind the meat every day. They hand-pat it. They have their own little special secret sauce. It’s their thing, right? It’s that mentality of the love. If you’re taking and grinding that meat, and you’re pattin’ it, and you’re lovin’ it, it’s going to be good. All they’re doing is focusing on the burger… And you’re gonna get a damn good burger. I think the whole world’s going to shift like that, and people are going to start getting more focused on what they’re about, what food they’re about.”

Bringing the Love: Wayne Johnson

In which Edible Seattle visits the home of a prominent Pacific Northwest chef and reports on the contents of their refrigerator, snacks served, the advantages of buying in bulk, how to understand people and other miscellany.

november pavlova

The Pavlova of OZ

“Those Kiwis are crazy,” Helen Taylor insists, in a playful way.

She actually likes New Zealanders, but Helen disputes their claim of first creating pavlova. “The dessert comes from Australia,”

The Grappa Guys

Soft Tails’ smoother style of grappa appeals to new grappa drinkers and visitors who have tried other brands of grappa, but dismissed them as too harsh for their taste. It also attracts locavores and wine country tour groups who are looking for a respite from another glass of Merlot during their trip to Woodinville Wine Country.

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