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The Secret of the Sizzle-Whump: Kate McDermott’s Art of the Pie

Kate McDermott greets us with a huge smile, and asks, “Are you ready to bake a pie?” Behind her, there is a crisp, golden dome, and the air in the kitchen smells of warm peaches and butter.

Cooking Fresh

If you’re a strict traditionalist, it’s hard to take turkey and gravy out of Thanksgiving, especially when you’re lucky enough to live in a place with flocks of local bird producers. But even if you’re married to your famous mashed potatoes, there’s always a little wiggle room when it comes to side dishes. Wander a little. I dare you. This year, trade your greens beans in for a creamy sausage and winter greens gratin, rich with the flavors of kale, chard, and collards, or swap your sweet potatoes for a kabocha squash puree made with cardamom and honey.

Grown Happy

“Turkeys are not as dumb as people think,” says George Vojkovich. “They retain the characteristics of a bird, and have the need to develop their natural instincts. Raising any animal penned shoulder to shoulder doesn’t permit that.”


Reinventing Comfort

In a tiny restaurant with only 66 seats, nine people are in the kitchen, silently working. Hunched over cutting boards, turning pans over flames on a hot stove, running blenders and putting away boxes of fresh produce, this team of cooks is well choreographed

The Limpa Laboratory

When Claes and Kristina Bavik began selling their Swedish treats, they approached their recipes like the research scientists they are. “We manipulated our recipes in a scientific manner, changing one ingredient at a time,”

Holiday Books

I assume it’s going to rain steadily from December to March. Over the years, I’ve learned to react to these fuzzy gray winters with calm fortitude, and a pile of good books. Some inspire me to plan for sunnier days, others get me into the kitchen to further my carbo-loading semi-hibernation.

Urban Foraging: Trixie Bakes Brownies

Genius baker Jill Hamada’s creations are a chocolate force to be reckoned with. Barely cakey enough to be considered a brownie (as opposed to a piece of fudge), the “In the Dark”

shitake urban foraging

Urban Foraging: Fungi Perfecti

Hunting mushrooms is thrilling (if you get lucky), buying mushrooms can reach exorbitant prices as soon as you reach past the bin of plain white buttons.

Editor’s Letter: What It Means to Cook with Love

We all know that food creates deep knots of emotion. Loss, comfort, guilt, solace, disgust, sensuality: the most memorable meals, the foods we crave, are all tied up with these connections. But over the last few months, there’s one emotion I’ve been hearing from folks at every step of the chain, from farmers to chefs to teachers. These days, it’s one that comes loaded with a pile of corny, cloying advertising campaigns. But lately, locally, it seems sincere, and simple, and almost revolutionary. It’s love.

Urban Foraging: Sound Bites

At some point in the 90s, hummus became ubiquitous; at this point, you might assume you’re simply tired of eating it.

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