Wild salmon thrive in the clean waters provided by buffer zones.rev

Raise a glass to Salmon-Safe certified growers

Story by Lauren Adam It’s a classic scene in the …

Edible Seattle. Bhutanese refugees garden

Namaste Community Garden

In South King County, Bhutanese refugees garden again for the first time since fleeing their homes, some two decades ago.

Edible Seattle Columbia River copy

Building a Better Fish Trap

The Columbia River’s once-epic salmon runs are in trouble. The solution could lie in the revival of a millennia-old method of fishing called a fish trap.

Pay It Forward

Conscious Eatery, Seattle’s philanthropic sandwich shop, started with a simple idea: give a meal for every meal sold.

Hub Club

The Puget Sound Food Hub is a win-win connector for small growers and large consumers.

Airport Abuzz

Flight Path’s airport apiaries project takes off at Terminal Bee.

Spirits of San Juan Island

Two retired university professors run the San Juan Island Distillery, devoting their golden years to producing world-class ciders, apple brandy, and gins laced with island-foraged botanicals.

Seattle Soul

Chef and caterer Kristi Brown and the story behind her black-eyed pea hummus…

Michael & Pat Burns

There’s a New Cod in Town

Blue Star launches a custom-built, humane-harvest longliner unlike any other out there.

Edible Seattle

You Are What You Read

Readers to Eaters is the first publisher to focus on children’s books about food, connecting nutritious food to student learning.

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