Aw, Shucks

Last summer, during the worst of the wildfires, my husband and I took a trip to Olympic National Park…

A Fair Start

FareStart helps disadvantaged people remake their lives through food — transforming homelessness, hunger, and poverty into human potential.

The Last Bowl

Do you remember that time I made you a big pot of lentil soup before I left for California? That was the last time we…

Breadfarm Rising

At the confluence of Edison’s history is Breadfarm, a bakery, preserver of culinary traditions, and catalyst for making food more nutritious.

Sweet on Honeybees

Since 2009, Urban Bee Company has been a hive of activity, selling and talking about a product situated right at the nexus of agriculture and ecology.

Eating Between the Pages

A reporter asked author Donna Leon about her crime series’ protagonist, Commissario Guido Brunetti, a Venetian police inspector. “Did you give him a love of food so you could write about it?”

Growing with Community

Central Co-op’s commitment to small producers and ethical sourcing makes it more than your average grocery store.

Chefs Who Farm

A handful of top Western Washington chefs plant a new spin on farm-to-table dining — by doing some of the farming themselves.

Taking the Bait

“They’re the Rodney Dangerfield of the sea,” says Warner Lew, Seattle’s herring evangelist and seller of high-end canned and smoked fish. “No one wants it; no one eats it. And I just think it could have a better fate.”

Beyond the Bean

That foamy-white cappuccino – your sunshine in a cup – has a dark side. What you don’t see are the neck-deep piles of discarded coffee-cherry pulp rotting in the tropical heat, producing greenhouse gases and serving as breeding grounds for disease-borne mosquitoes.

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