The First Cookie

A couple of years ago, my husband, Andy, received a package in the mail from his father: a small plastic box containing a collection of family recipe cards.

Lunch and Learn

Ethnic Seattle’s food tour helps bridge the gap between Little Saigon’s restaurants and first-time patrons — bringing these hidden gems into a well-deserved spotlight.

Only Serving Love

Operation Sack Lunch rescues food that would otherwise be tossed, and creates nourishing meals for the city’s most vulnerable citizens.

Taking a Bite Out of Global Warming

With the arrival of 2017, I began to rethink what this moment needs from us. What we eat leaves ample room for change, the kind that immediately improves the air we breathe,

No Manual Required

I have always maintained that if you want to get to know someone infinitely better, all you need to do is meet their parents. This year, I’ve learned that you can gauge how someone feels about their parents by telling them that yours are building a house in your backyard.

Percolating Through the Generations

It was the late 1800s. In the midst of the internal violence of Colombia’s Thousand Days’ War, a group of daring muleteers, or arrieros, ventured south from Manizales to seek their fortunes in the unexplored lands bordered by modern-day Caldas, Risaralda, and Quindío: the fertile triangle of Colombia’s famous La Zona Cafetera — The Coffee Zone.

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