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Chickened Out, What the Cluck?

There’s nothing quite like a just-laid-that-day egg — or so I used to believe.

Plotting Your Plat

On a nice day soon, I’ll get down level with the soil and press my rake handle into it, creating a shallow furrow. Time for seeds to bring the garden back to life. But as I contemplate the future harvest, I focus on the past, too.

Plant a Radish

I am not a natural gardener. I didn’t grow up with carrots sprouting in the backyard. In fact, I looked with envy at my friends’ raised beds, with fence posts fashioned from driftwood logs and old fishing nets strung to keep the birds out

Learning by Taste

It is easy to say that change is too difficult. But South Whidbey dug in — into the soil, that is.

Sweeter After a Frost

Magenta hues brightened the ribs and veins of this January
King cabbage as it experienced increasingly cold winter weather.

Eat Well, Be Well

“He’s an extraordinary chef and food-service director, but he’s a better human being,” says Glenn. “His passion and sincerity about this is impossible to miss.”

Wild Abandon

Perhaps you’ve admired a perfect head of lettuce in your garden or a friend’s—the spray of burgundy speckles across the rounded whorls of soft green leaves. But have you seen it six months later?

Sol to Seed Farm

“I went out there and thought it was amazing,’” Matt says. “Even when I was just doing something mundane.”

Bring on the Kiwi Berries

Every year Burnt Ridge, Dolan’s fruit- and nut-growing operation located east of Chehalis, harvests thousands of pounds of hardy kiwifruits from 200 cultivated vines—grown on trellises, not in the forest canopy.

Nuts About You- The American Chestnut

In Europe, before the arrival of potatoes and corn from the New World, chestnuts were an essential starch.

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