One Ingredient Three Ways

The Simple Art of Homemade Tortillas

Cooks who believe in the phrase “easy as pie” will have no problem when Cristina Zurita Ceniceros says that making flour tortillas is as simple as throwing together a pie crust.

Cooking Fresh: Spring Soups

It’s almost spring—time for new starts, and cleaner basements, and in Seattle, the smallest beginnings of farmers’ spring favorites. The market might not look like much these days, but get closer: Under those drizzly tents, you’ll find short-lived spring gems like lemony sorrel, new baby leeks, early greens, and stinging nettles (which aren’t nearly as aggressive as they sound, I promise)…


On the Water: Family Fishmonger

By trade I’m a commercial salmon fisherman. The work is hard, yet thoroughly rewarding…


In the Kitchen: Sutra

Colin Patterson told himself he’d never cook in a conventional restaurant again. After cooking in a number of restaurants, he felt guilty and angered at the waste and “non-yogic actions” of most restaurants…


Field and Forest: Edible Trees

Arthur Lee Jacobson once threw a party where all the food came from trees. “Retsina wine, birch beer, pine nuts, apples and oranges, pecans, coconuts. People could bring things if the items fell within certain parameters.”…


Farm to Table: Lattin Lover

You will want to be at Lattin’s Cider Mill when the apocalypse comes, and not just because of the amazing apple cider donuts. The mother-daughter trio that runs the joint knows a thing or two about survival…


Icebox: Tamara Murphy

In which Edible Seattle visits the home of a prominent Pacific Northwest chef and reports on the contents of their refrigerator, snacks served, lessons about perfection, meat-sharing endeavors and other miscellany…


From Cows to Curds

On the way home from a Christmas party in 2002, Kurt Dammeier walked past a vacant corner building with floor to ceiling windows in the Pike Place Market and thought…

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