In the Kitchen


Altruistic Aim

Jeffrey Vance, executive chef of both No Anchor and Navy Strength in Belltown, seemed pleasantly surprised when I suggested we meet early on a Friday morning. Most chefs prefer to catch up on sleep in the early-morning hours, but not Jeffrey — not lately.


The King of Mozzarella

The King of Mozzarella
Cheese is an art at King’s Mozzarella, where Costas Romero handmakes it the old-fashioned way.

Earth to Plate

Award-winning chef Tamara Murphy serves earth on a plate.

Tiny but Mighty

Teff, which hails from Ethiopia, is a gluten-free ancient grain that’s mild in flavor and makes a satisfying base for many dishes…

Radiant Rye

A staple cereal and bread grain in Northern Europe and Russia is catching on in the States.

Gloriously Gluten-Free

While waiting for the warmth of spring, warm up the kitchen with the toasty flavor of buckwheat.

Forbidden Beaut

With a roasted, nutty flavor and chewy texture, black rice is the perfect antidote to the heavy foods that grace the holiday table every year.

The Back Story on Yeast

To the uninitiated, a sourdough starter sounds like a lousy co-pilot—it’s a soupy mixture of flour and water, about the color and consistency of a melted milkshake…


A Moveable Feast

Growing up as a kid on Long Island, I lived in the last house on a dead end street, adjacent to a large swath of woods. It was quiet down there and allowed us kids to play in the street with abandon…


In the Kitchen: Herbfarm

“I want to add some quail this year,” says Keith Luce, executive chef of the Herbfarm, to Bill Vingelen, the restaurant’s head farmer.

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