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Urban Foraging: Sour Pie Cherries

Montmorency cherries—also known as sour cherries, pie cherries, and “hands off, those are mine” cherries—are worth hunting down in June or (depending on the weather) the first week of July…


Urban Foraging: Farmer-Chef Connection 2009

It’s hard to imagine a more positive place in the universe than the rustic main hall of SODO’s Herban Feast on February 9, when area farmers and chefs came together for the 4th annual Seattle Farmer Chef Connection.

Editor’s Letter

Michele Obama gave a tour of the White House kitchen in March, talking about sustainable eating and childhood nutrition to some culinary students. Among other things, she said, “If it tastes like a real carrot, and it’s really sweet, they’re going to think that it’s a piece of candy.” She’s right. Good carrots are tasty little sugar sticks, and when I pick mine up at a farmer’s market, I eat a handful in the first two minutes after purchase. Such vegetal sweetness is a Proustian belly-flop into one of my first food memories.

In a last-ditch attempt to get her fussbudget kindergarteners to eat salad, my mom sprinkled sugar on our iceberg lettuce. It sounds horrific today…

Sourdough Pancakes

The original Sourdoughs would’ve used water, and weren’t likely to have eggs or butter, either, but this version still has a delicious tanginess from the starter, and a special lightness from yeast rather than the more modern baking powder. Any sweet topping is the perfect complement…

Eggs with Eggs

This dish is simple and luxurious, making the most of absolutely fresh local eggs; it’s savory richness makes it equally appropriate for brunch or dinner. Look for American-raised caviar choices like farmed White Sturgeon, Golden Paddlefish, or try smoked steelhead roe…


Cents and Sensibility

I was pretty skeptical, but it’s true: you can cook delicious, healthy meals on a tight budget.

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