Liquid Assets

Going Big by Staying Small

Food is a central theme at Tendril Wine Cellars, where tightly focused wine is created with a cook’s sensibility of complementary flavors, complexity, and balance.

Love in the Time of Craft Beer

The history of Pike Brewing Company, one of Seattle’s original craft breweries, is as much a story about love as it is about beer…

Tapping Into Tapteil

It was cabernet that brought Larry Pearson to Red Mountain 33 years ago; though it’s still his touchstone, the vineyard is taking him in new directions.


The Tannat grape originated in southwestern France, has become a favorite of winemakers in Uruguay, and is now taking hold in the Pacific Northwest.

Three glasses of wine. red, white and rose wine. isolated. watercolor illustrations.

Palencia Albariño

White wines are extremely intimidating to a winemaker. The flaws are so easy to detect. They’re very unforgiving. I build myself up for harvest every year, mentally and emotionally.

Witches’ Brew

Walking into the apothecary, I pass by rows of dried herbs in tall glass jars, a tiered display of small, hand-woven nests, window shelves filled with shiny, colorful crystal gems, and a display of animal bones and antlers. It feels as though I’ve stepped into a voodoo shop.

Tempranillo Thrives Under the Radar

It’s not Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot, or Syrah. It’s something different, something new, yet something that doesn’t assault wine drinkers with its “otherness.”

Inside Addition’s Liquid Spice Rack

“You’re OK with a little spice, right?” asks Matt Hemeyer, an eyedropper full of Addition habanero cocktail spice poised over my glass. I nod and he squeezes, the spice mingling with tequila, Bradley’s Kina Tonic, limeade, and a bit of Addition cinnamon cocktail spice for a cocktail he’s dubbed a T & T…

USA, Washington, Red Mountain. Harvest 2016 in Angela’s Vineyard, an estate vineyard of Efeste.

Where the Wild Things Are

Winemaking is a tightly controlled scientific process. Every aspect — the rate of fermentation, temperature, chemical content, nutrients — is monitored from the first day grapes are crushed to the day you pour a glass of delicious Cabernet.

Farm to Tea Cup

Tirza Wibel works in a well-lighted place, gently turning over tea leaves in a wide-mouthed stainless steel bowl. She works the mixture by hand, tenderly incorporating dark shards of Earl Grey with dried, amber-hued orange peels and cornflower petals colored like chips of sea glass.

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