Liquid Assets

Defying Categorization

Plums. Apricots. Dehydrated limes. Dandelion greens. Rose hips. At Urban Family Brewing in Interbay, a wild array of ingredients make their way into the off-beat beers that are continually rotating through the taps.

Old Wines, New World

Tanjuli Winery nestles into the Rattlesnake Hills, just above the tiny town of Zillah in eastern Washington. The landscape here is rich — acres of fruit trees roll into rows of wine grapes, with farmstead homes scattered among them. Winemaker Tom Campbell and I pick our way across the graveled paths between vineyard blocks…

Always Growing

It’s a glorious late-September day on the slopes of Grandview in Washington’s beautiful Yakima Valley. A bright blue sky is streaked with wisps of cloud. Mount Adams and Mount Rainier gleam in the distance, and the hills all around are snuggled under a striped quilt of vineyards and orchards.

From Grain to Glass

It’s still early on a recent Saturday night, but nearly all of the tables at Black Label Brewing Co. in downtown Spokane are already full. Of the brewery’s 15 beers listed on a chalkboard above a row of taps, two carry a special designation: insignias identifying them as Palouse Pints.

Growing Trust

Wine people love to speak of terroir – the influences of soil, climate, and terrain that distinguish grapes from a certain region. It’s what makes a Bordeaux a Bordeaux.


In every industry, business owners look for a way to stand out from the crowd. In the tech world, you develop the hottest new app – or the gadget to run it…

A Little Night Wine

Finding a spot among the vines is easy. Follow the basalt formations and ancient lava flows that make up the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains before they spill into the greater Columbia Valley. The landscape here is wide, carved over thousands of years by the cataclysmic Missoula floods that dumped millions of acres of water across the Northwest, scouring the region, and then, as the waters receded, carpeting it with boulders, sand, and silt. This is one of the world’s most prolific agricultural environments, producing exquisite fruits, grains, and vegetables, as well as endlessly changing landscapes…

Pique the Palate

An outlier of the elite wine industry and a black sheep of the craft beer scene, artisanal hard cider may finally be granted the long-overdue recognition it deserves, thanks to the new CIDER Act…

Sip Into This

Smasne Cellars blends award-winning winemaking with a historic lineage of vineyards to uncork its premium vine-to-cork creations.

Beyond the IPA

Though it may seem a blasphemous omission for a Northwest brewery, you won’t find an IPA at Propolis Brewing in Port Townsend.

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