Road Trip

A Ferry Tale

For Keith Barnes, founder of Bainbridge Organic Distillers, it would be impossible to make his whiskies, gins, and vodka, with the flavors he seeks, anywhere else…

When Stars Align

Chef Nick Coffey has found a home for his creative, locally-focused cuisine at his new restaurant Ursa Minor on Lopez Island.

Eating Local in Victoria

In British Columbia’s capital city, the farm-to-table dining scene oscillates from high-end modern bistros to down-to-earth restaurants.

The Easy Island

“You’re not afraid of heights, right?” my guide asks me as I walk up to the edge of the zipline platform and try not to look down at the swirl of leaves and earth far below my feet. I am, in fact, quite terrified of heights, but, hey, life is short.

Farm to Fork on Lopez Island

A farm stay in the San Juan Islands yields a deeper appreciation for the care that goes into raising your food.

Craft beverages abound in bucolic Green Bluff

Once known for small family U-pick farms, this agricultural community north of Spokane is starting a new tradition.

West Coast Gold

“This is West Coast gold,” Phil Allen says gleefully as he plops a Dungeness crab the size of a dinner plate into a five-gallon bucket. We’re perched on a shoulder of boulders that comprise the North Jetty of the Columbia River’s vast mouth, where it thrashes into the Pacific Ocean at Cape Disappointment.

Beer & Bivalves

A scant 10 minutes after stepping out of my car in Olympia, I’m already slurping raw oysters.

My first stop on a road trip to Washington’s state capital is the Olympia Farmers Market, a year-round affair that bustles with shoppers selecting fresh produce, locally-raised meat, cut flowers, artisanal goods, and local crafts, against a backdrop of live music…

Lake Chelan AVA, Washington

Chelan County

Because Stemilt’s wines are naturally fermented — a finicky process that relies on the yeast naturally present on the grapes to ferment the juice — Jaime takes care to sanitize each cork before yanking it from the barrel so as not to compromise the wine inside.

A Treasure Trove of Truffles

It’s a chilly February morning, and we are out walking through the woods near Issaquah. A gauzy veil of wintry sunshine hangs like gossamer around the treetops, the forest smells damp and inviting, and Stella and Lidia, two adorably moptopped dogs, scamper through the undergrowth at breakneck speed, so excited and joyful that you can practically see the smiles on their faces.

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