Road Trip

The Blessings of Orcas Island

George the alpaca is nibbling a carrot from the palm of my hand. His fuzzy snout is surprisingly slobber-free. Before long, the entire troop of alpacas on Once in a Blue Moon Farm is at the fence, wanting snacks.

If Not Now, Then Wenatchee

This wind-blown stretch of the mighty Columbia creates tasty wine and hard cider, roasts incredible coffee, inspires talented chefs, and has sprouted a CSA program and market with a downright thrilling dream.

A Tale of Two Peninsulas

As Seattleites, we hold certain truths to be self-evident: Umbrellas are for wusses, coffee is an essential human right, fleece is always included in the dress code, and there are no good restaurants on the Washington coast…

Small Town, Big Market-Port Townsend

Port Townsend is known for many things: historic buildings, wooden boats, walkability and the sort of scenery that makes people move here from other, likely warmer, regions. But day trips aren’t any fun if the food isn’t good, and that might explain the town’s recent notoriety. It’s delicious.

Yakima Valley Grown Goodness

The Yakima Valley has a long history of growing food. Wine grapes were first planted there in 1869, hops in 1872, and fruit orchards in 1887. With nearly constant sunshine (around 300 days per year), rich volcanic soils, and steady water from the Yakima River, the valley currently produces 75 percent of the country’s hops, more than 30 types of wine (from 100 percent varietals to blends), and multiple varieties of more than 50 fruit and vegetable crops…

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