Honeyed Apple Pie

The honey in this pie provides a floral and sometimes spicy flavor, depending on the type of honey you use.

Panna Cotta with Citrus Caramel

A winter panna cotta with citrus caramel, the epitome of New American cuisine: French and Italian inspiration with a fresh American bend.

Grape Cake with Anise and Lemon

When baked, grapes concentrate their sugars and brings out new depths of flavor.

Triple Berry Teff Crisp

A vibrant gluten-free summery dessert, this super jammy crisp comes together quickly and is sure to be the star of your next outdoor gathering.

Raspberry and Hazelnut Flan

This version of British flan features a whisked hazelnut sponge with a light, mascarpone cream and glazed raspberries. Plus, the hazelnuts provide a warm, earthy resonance, against which the bright notes of the raspberries really sing.

Soft, Salted-Rye Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

There’s something about baking a skillet cookie that beckons, “Pull up a chair, and pull out a spoon!” For that reason, this is a great recipe to make if you’re…

Meyer Lemon and Poppy Seed Layer Cake with Roasted Rhubarb and Thyme Compote

This Meyer lemon and poppy seed layer cake — with roasted rhubarb and thyme compote — delivers a pastel-colored dessert that is as fresh and delicate as an early spring morning.

Pumpkin Spelt Loaf with Pepita Streusel

Whole-grain loaves can often be sturdy and squatty, but this fall beauty is almost stately in stature, with a light crumb and subtle kiss of spice. While I love grinding down pepitas to use in the batter, you can certainly use almond or hazelnut meal if you prefer.

Rustic Rosemary Cornmeal Tart with Wild Blackberries

The recipe has grown up with me and reflects my fondness for herbs with sweets and my propensity to add the crunchy, nuttiness of cornmeal everywhere I can! Make one big tart or individual galettes, and serve warm with vanilla bean ice cream for dessert. If there are leftovers, have a second slice for breakfast with coffee.

Strawberry and Lemon Balm Drizzle Cake

Lemon balm has long been used for medicinal purposes — hence the name — so this cake is practically health food. That’s my story anyway.

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