Modern Pantry

Farro for the Cold

Seattle winter always feels most acute in January and February. The buzz of the holidays is behind us, and the days are increasingly shorter. When I first moved to the city from California about five years ago, February was a struggle. I recall strolling the farmers’ markets, wondering where the citrus was displayed and forcing myself to take a lot of walks — even in the rain — because that’s what most locals said I should be doing…

Sorghum: The Versatile Grain You’ll Fall For

In our kitchen, the cooler months beg for pantry items that are versatile. I often find myself hunkering down a bit more than usual in the winter, as many of us do in Seattle, relying on old standbys like soups and stews, homemade bread, and roasted vegetables.

The Mother of All Condiments

This past fall I had the great fortune of teaching a quarter-long class on preserving to an eager audience of health-minded, highly educated individuals at Bastyr University. Using the prolific campus garden and taking cues from local farms, I built a thirteen-week course based solely on what was seasonally available to put up for the pantry.

Apple Chutney/ Pumpkin Butter

In late fall, gardens heave a near audible final breath and give up the last of their fruits. Fields turn fragrant with the pungent smell from fermenting fallen fruit and the last of anything sweet is gathered from bare tree branches or browning vines.

Elderflower Syrup and Pickled Maple Blossoms

Last summer on the highway home from a long weekend at Lake Chelan, I pulled my car across three lanes of traffic when I spotted a tall slender tree hunched over by the weight of its small blue berries…

The Back Story on Yeast

To the uninitiated, a sourdough starter sounds like a lousy co-pilot—it’s a soupy mixture of flour and water, about the color and consistency of a melted milkshake…

The Simple Art of Homemade Tortillas

Cooks who believe in the phrase “easy as pie” will have no problem when Cristina Zurita Ceniceros says that making flour tortillas is as simple as throwing together a pie crust.

Locally Grown Pie

Pie matters. It’s dessert, yes, which all by itself is enough to rate of high importance, but pie is also a symbol of just about everything that is good and true.

The Beginners Fermentation Project: Ginger

Fermenting at home is easy, but the process is bound to leave beginners with questions unanswered.

Adventures in Fermentation: Homemade Yogurt

When I was in elementary school, my mom packed my lunch every day. I wasn’t one of those kids who glamorously got to wait in line for a hot lunch;

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