Urban Foraging: Drink Your Daily Chocolate

chocolateby Jill Lightner

My dream for future generations of local kids: They’ll dismiss the Swiss Miss and demand quality drinking chocolate. My plan to make that dream a reality: Introduce as many as possible to locally-crafted Fiori.

Instead of heavily sugared powder, Fiori is created from tiny pellets of chocolate that melt smoothly into hot milk. The richness of real cocoa butter makes a small serving immensely satisfying, and it’s easy to adjust the intensity of flavor by adding more milk (the recipe on the package suggests nearly equal parts of chocolate and milk).

For chocolate purists, there’s a simple 70-percent cacao version. For those in search of the exotic, try the white chocolate blended with matcha. History nerds and other traditionalists should head for the Peperoncino, which combines chocolate with cinnamon, allspice and red pepper for a flavor that perfectly combines New World heat with Old World creaminess. And while Europeans might scoff at you for it: Yes, you can add mini marshmallows to every cup.


Available at Metropolitan Market cafes, The Chocolate Box in downtown Seattle, some Seattle-area Whole Foods locations and through Fiori’s website.


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