Thank you for your interest in writing for Edible Seattle. We are a member of Edible Communities, a growing, James Beard award-winning, international series of community-based food publications whose mission is to transform the way communities shop for, cook, eat, and relate to the food that is grown and produced in their area. 

Edible Seattle is quarterly, seasonal publication. We cover all of Washington stae with and emphasizes on Western Washington. We look for subjects that are both timely and traditional, and we have a special interest in topics that relate to the full breadth of our mission. The editor chooses writers and topics for each issue with the intention of balancing the coverage and nurturing a wide and loyal readership.

For Photographers

 We’re always interested in working with new photographers. The best way to connect with us is via an email to the editor. Please include a link to a website where we can view examples of your work online and your standard rates. Photographers located outside the immediate Seattle metro area are of special interest. At this time we do not pay expense for photographers.

For Writers

We rely on freelancers for the majority of our stories and departments, and generally writers generate their own topics. On occasion, the editor will make specific assignments based on writers’ interests and knowledge. Our editorial calendar is planned as much as a year in advance.

Rates vary according to department and experience, and typically fall in the range of .20-.30 per word. Payment is sent upon publication. Each contributor receives a copy of the issue with their story. At this time, we do not pay expenses for writers.

Please submit a written pitch before sending a finished piece. If you have not written for us before, please enclose samples of your writing, preferably work that has been published. Queries are accepted only by email

Recipes to accompany articles are highly desirable, and they must be original and carefully tested. If they are not original, permission for reprint must be obtained by the submitter; Edible Seattle and Edible Communities will not pay associated permission fees.



Features range from 1,000 to 1,500 words. Topics should be relevant to our brand, in addition to a humanistic story.


Profiles of small-batch food producers and their specialty, such as breads, cheeses, ice creams, vegetarian food products, charcuterie, coffee, jams, teas, chocolate and honey. There are countless untold stories for these small producers, whether they only sell through farmers’ markets or have to be hunted down in specific neighborhoods.

Liquid Assets:

Wine, beer, spirits, and anyting in between. If it is local, if it is craft, if it is quality and has a story, we are interested. 

On the Water:

Whether the topic is fish and fishing boats or shellfish and their farms, this department focuses on sustainable practices and family-run businesses that provide us with such abundance. 

In the Kitchen:

Edible Seattle does not publish restaurant reviews. Instead, we get behind the scenes in professional kitchens and get to know our chefs. We talk with them about their food producers, their favorite local ingredients and their unique specific practices. We’re especially interested in hearing about restaurants outside the Seattle urban core.

Final Course:

We end each issue with a mouth-watering sesasonal dessert.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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